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A listing of Dimension Links Ven's acquired in Dragon Haven. To be added to as necessary.

From Canon
-Snow White
-Peter Pan
-Experiment 626 [Stitch]
-Vanitas? (Debatable)

From Game
-None yet


Jan. 22nd, 2012 03:32 am
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✬ Ven was born and raised in Twilight Town, in the abandoned mansion that DiZ moves into during Days. He was a normal boy, with perhaps a greater heart than most, but when he was nine he arrived home one day to find his home completely wrecked and his parents lying on the floor, brutally murdered by shadowy creatures that started coming for him as well as soon as they noticed him. He didn't have time to even think about running before they were on him, starting to claw at his clothes - until suddenly they weren't anymore, literally disappearing as someone hit them with a strange weapon he'd never seen before and killed the things.

Master Xehanort had "saved" him, apologizing for not arriving in time to prevent the creatures he'd been tracking from harming his parents. Questioning the boy, and finding out that he had no one else to care for him, Xehanort offered him the ability to use the Keyblade and the chance to live with him, a Master, so he could learn to use the weapon and be strong enough to prevent any tragedies such as this from happening again. Ven agreed, the Initiation Ceremony was performed between them, and Master Xehanort took Ven away from Twilight Town, without notifying anyone of what had happened or where they were going. The next day, friends in town discovered the bodies of Ven's parents in the mansion but could not find the boy anywhere, and they concluded that he must have died as well and probably dragged off by whatever vicious predator had killed the adults. The mansion developed a reputation for being haunted and spooky, lying untenanted and still in its ruined state for many years until DiZ arrived.


✬ He is really, really, really ticklish, and he gets absolutely mortified whenever anyone finds out.

✬ Ven can sing, but he actually prefers to dance because he just likes to move a lot. And yes, he CAN breakdance.


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